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ReFill PLA

From   9,30 Excl. VAT
ReFill PLA is manufactured for usage with re-usable master spools. Print your own spool. This filament reduces your carbon footprint significantly as packaging waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

EasyFil ePLA

From   6,20 Excl. VAT
EasyFil ePLA is your go-to PLA filament for 3D printing. This PLA filament comes at an unbeatable retail price of €19,99 per kg and wide availability in colors and spool sizes.

Platinum LCD Resin – General Purpose

From   26,34 Excl. VAT
Platinum LCD Series - General Purpose Resin is available in true clear, translucent and opaque colors and 3D prints almost odorless with extremely high accuracy and smooth surface finish.

Platinum SLA Resin – General Purpose

Platinum SLA Series - General Purpose Resin comes in an opaque black and translucent blue color and is compatible with Formlabs printers with open mode enabled and other open source SLA 3D printers.


From   13,23 Excl. VAT
PLActive is a PLA type of 3D printer filament enhanced with a patented nano-copper composite that eliminates more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.

ReForm – rPLA

From   6,20 Excl. VAT
ReForm rPLA is a recycled PLA type of 3D printer filament that is made from the post-industrial extrusion waste streams of our EasyFil PLA filaments.

EasyFil PLA – Glow in the Dark

From   8,99 Excl. VAT
EasyFil PLA - Glow in the Dark offers all properties of EasyFil PLA, but with a unsurpassed bright green glow in the dark color effect.

Volcano PLA

From   10,23 Excl. VAT
Volcano PLA is an industrial grade PLA type of 3D printer filament that is engineered for high 3D printing speeds, high heat resistance, high impact strength, and mechanical properties similar to ABS.

Tough PLA

From   8,37 Excl. VAT
Tough PLA is a 3D printer filament that is extremely impact resistant. Tough PLA combines the durability of ABS-like strength properties and is significantly more stiff than ABS filaments

Premium PLA

From   7,13 Excl. VAT
Premium PLA is a more pure PLA type of 3D printer filament with higher crystallinity, which makes it the PLA of choice for 3D printing parts with overhangs and for objects where bridging is required.

Matt PLA

From   8,37 Excl. VAT
Matt PLA is an aesthetical PLA type of 3D printer filament that 3D prints parts with fine detail and a rough and matt surface finish.

High Precision PLA

From   7,75 Excl. VAT
A dense and resilient PLA filament with guaranteed "High Precision" on diameter, ovalidity, shrinkage, and color tolerances. Each spool has its own certificate of analysis, which can be verified by scanning the QR code.