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FormFutura COVID-19 countermeasures

Published: 17/03/2020 11:00

The coronavirus is affecting everyone. In the Netherlands, drastic measures are being taken to mitigate the spread of the virus. As a company based in the Netherlands, we at FormFutura understand the importance of the situation and are all taken extra measures to make sure business can continue as usual during these unusual times.  

FormFutura is staying open. 

While we remain healthy, we aim to stay in business for as long as the country is not in total lockdown. Wdo want to inform you on the measures we’re taking to deal with the impact of the outbreak. 

Impact on customers 

To keep the impact on our customers to a minimum we had to get creative. We have doubled our stock levels to keep our products available to you in case we run into issues with suppliers in the future We also maintain a direct line with our suppliers and shipping partners to stay up to date on their operational capabilities. These measures help minimize the impact on orders and maintain access to your go-to 3D printing materials. 

Impact on partners 

FormFutura is dedicated to maintaining open communication with resellers and label holders alikeWe will keep you posted on the status of orders, potential shipping risks, and any concerns you may voice. As is the case for customers, we will still be able to ship to you regardless of the situation. 


We remain accessible through the usual channels like the online store, phone calls, and emails. We can however no longer let customers physically pick up their orders from the warehouse while the outbreak is ongoing.