Formfutura Participates In Raise3D Open Filament Program

In 2015 Raise3D launched their N Series of 3D printers. These large-volume machines have ever since their launch been very popular with the N2 being perceived as one of the top Prosumer 3D printers.

The focus of Raise3D is on Corporate Users that require high-end and technical filaments and therefore Raise introduced the Open Filament Program to partner up with filament manufacturers and brands to identify which filaments have top results with Raise3D printers.

At Formfutura quality, consistency and innovation have always been the key pillars of our philosophy for our filaments and therefore Formfutura has been invited to participate in Raise3D’s Open Filament Program. This means that Formfutura will make material specific printing profiles for all our filaments on the Raise3D N2 Dual, which will eventually be included as pre-settings in Raise3D’s slicer software, IdeaMaker.

The vision of Raise3D is “Raising the standards of 3D Printing Solutions for Corporate Customers” and with Formfutura participating in the Open Filament Program we can help raising the standard by making pre-set printing profiles available for the entire Formfutura filament range to all Raise3D users. By having access to all Formfutura filaments and settings every Raise3D user can easily use Formfutura filaments as “The Building Block of Their Creations”.

Formfutura has one of the most diverse and probably widest filament portfolio compared to any other 3D printer filament brand and as a result it will take quite some time to make all printing profiles on the Raise3D N2 Dual. We will however gradually share printing profiles and test prints with Raise3D for submission and by that will make sure that our filaments will be included into the IdeaMaker slicer software step by step.

If you think that a particular Formfutura 3D printer filament should get priority to be added to Raise3D’s Open Filament Program and included as pre-setting in IdeaMaker as soon as possible then please do always feel free to contact us and to share your thoughts!