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Educational program

We at Formfutura believe that 3D printing is a life-changing technology and will cause a revolution in many current industries. Desktop 3D printing will especially play its role in changing the production and logistics industry. With 3D printing, final products can be produced at the location where they are needed and do not need to be shipped from one continent to another anymore. Only the raw materials need to travel to their final destinations, meaning that 3D printing can significantly help lowering our carbon footprint and by that, putting less pressure on our environment!

Education is key in reinforcing desktop 3D printings possibilities of lowering our carbon footprint. We at Formfutura want to stimulate educational institutions to make students familiar with 3D printing. Therefore we have developed an educational program in which institutions, like schools, universities and research institutions can buy our filament at discounted prices and with special payment conditions.

If you represent an educational institution please send an email to sales@formfutura.com and ask for our special “educational” terms.

We already have partnerships with a large number of schools, universities and research institutions across the world. We are continuously looking to expand our educational program and would gladly want to welcome you as our newest partner to our program!

At Formfutura, we continuously strive to deliver excellent quality filaments and customer service. Additionally our focus is on offering innovative filaments to the 3D printing community.

As partner in our educational program you can be sure to be the first to have access to the latest cutting-edge materials available on the market.

Representing an educational institution and want to use our filaments?

Send us an email and ask for our special “educational” terms.