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High Gloss PLA

High Gloss PLA is an aesthetical PLA type of 3D printer filament that 3D prints parts without visible layers and an extremely high surface gloss and high level of light dispersion and reflection.


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FormFutura High Gloss PLA is a modified 3D printing filament that is based on PLA (polylactic acid) and enhanced with other polymers and modifiers, which gives 3D printed parts a surface finish with an extremely high gloss and high level of light dispersion and reflection. High Gloss PLA filament comes in various deep brilliant colors and allows you to 3D print parts with almost no visible layers.

Unique features

  • Extremely high gloss
  • High level of light dispersion and reflection
  • Wide variety of deep brilliant colors
  • 3D prints with almost no visible layers
  • Very smooth and silky surface finish
  • Compatible with AquaSolve PVA for complex dual extrusion 3D printing 



  • Aesthetics, design, and art
  • Complex educational projects and models
  • Household articles
  • Visualization aids


General printing guidelines *

Nozzle size: ≥ 0.15mm Layer height: ≥ 0.1mm Experience level: Beginner
Print temp: ± 215 – 245° C * Fan speed: 50-100%
Buildplate adhesion: EasyFix Nr. I
Heat bed: ± 60° C Enclosure needed: No

*) Above displayed settings are meant as guidance to find your optimal print settings. These ranges in settings should work for most printers, but please do feel free to experiment outside these ranges if you think it is suitable for your printer. There are a lot of different types of printers, hot-ends, and printer offset that it is extremely difficult to give an overall one-size-fits-all setting.

*)  If you use a vanadium steel / hardened steel and/or tungsten carbide nozzle then please raise the printing temperature up to 240 – 245° C to maintain the high gloss. If you still have trouble losing the shine, you can drop the part cooling fan to 50% or lower. For brass and copper nozzles you can print at215 – 225° C. Please do feel free to experiment with these settings.

Filament length

ρ: 1.24 g/cc 50 gr coil 0.75 Kg spool 2.3 Kg spool 4.5 Kg spool 8 Kg spool
Ø 1.75mm ± 16.8m ± 251m ± 771m ± 1509m ± 2682m
Ø 2.85mm ± 6.3m ± 95m ± 291m ± 569m ± 1011m


Product export information

HS Code: 39169090 Description: Monofilament Country of origin: the Netherlands


Compliance *

This filament is compliant with the below-listed directives and regulations.

  • RoHS directive 2011/65/EC
  • REACH directive 1907/2006/EC

*) This declaration of conformity to directives and regulations is prepared according to our present standard of knowledge and may be amended if new cognitions are available and applies only for the above-described products.

Technical Datasheet:

Safety Datasheet: