Silk Gloss PLA Sample Pack

This product is no longer available.

This Silk Gloss PLA Sample Pack contains the following samples (50g each):

Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Blue
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Orange
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Pink
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Purple
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Silver
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant  Beige
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant  Mocca
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Green
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant White
Silk Gloss PLA - Brilliant Yellow

Silk Gloss PLA (polylactic acid) is modified with another polymer to have a very smooth and silky surface finish with a high level of light dispersion and reflection. Silk Gloss PLA exhibits excellent 3D printing properties and allows objects to be 3D printed with a high level of glossiness and almost no visible layers.

Unique features

  • Good surface quality

    • Shiny silk gloss surface finish without visible layers and fine detail

    • High level of light dispersion and reflection

    • Lowering printing speed and temperature increases the silk gloss effect

  • Easy to 3D print

    • Warp-free printing and improved flowing behaviour

    • Excellent first layer adhesion to several (un)heated print surfaces

  • Compatible with AquaSolve PVA for complex dual extrusion 3D printing

  • Wide variety of vivid and brilliant silk gloss colours 


  • Aesthetics, design, and art 

  • Complex educational projects and models

  • Household articles

  • Visualization aids

Specifications for Silk Gloss PLA Sample Pack

Diameter 1.75mm or 2.85mm