FormFutura Switches To Complete Sustainable Packaging

The rise of Additive Manufacturing has marked the start of what many believe is the third industrial revolution and it is a great step towards securing a more sustainable future. While AM reduces waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods and the industry is growing rapidly, there’s still a lot the industry can do to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

As a leading supplier of filaments, FormFutura has the unique opportunity to set an example for the industry by raising awareness about sustainability whilst doing our part to help realize a better tomorrow. 

And so we are proud to present our fully recyclable cardboard packaging!

Image: Our new fully recyclable cardboard boxes and spool

“Over the past couple of months we’ve been brainstorming a lot on how we can make FormFutura more sustainable and help renew our branding. 

As over this period we have received feedback from the market about helping to find a viable solution to the empty plastic spools, we started setting up a plan to reduce our carbon footprint through cardboard spools. 

But as we got to working on realizing rolling out cardboard spools, we’ve also expanded the scope of the project to include boxes and logistics.” 

Arnold Medenblik

CEO of FormFutura

As of now all FormFutura filaments up to one kilogram will be spooled onto fully recyclable, sturdy cardboard spools! The boxes these new spools come in will also be made out of cardboard. As we’re still having some stock of products spooled on plastic spools in our warehouse it might be possible to receive both packaging during this transition period. 

Why a cardboard spool and box?

  • As our cardboard spools and boxes are manufactured in the Netherlands we are actively minimizing the total travel distance and which logistically helps us to reduce our carbon footprint even further! 
  • Recycling cardboard spools and packaging can easily be arranged via existing paper recycling programs.
  • Cardboard is a natural desiccant (drying agent) and the cardboard spool will protect your filament even more against humidity. 
  • Many engineering type of filaments require pre-dried at elevated temperatures and cardboard spools can be dried at much higher temperatures than plastic spools due the risk of deformation in plastic spools.
  • Cardboard allows us to create spools with a truly unique and sustainable character.