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Spectrum Color Pigment

Spectrum Color Pigments come in 29 opaque colors and are fine-tuned for optimal coloring performance with FormFutura Spectrum LCD Color Mix resins.

Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Light Grey (RAL 7035)
Concrete Grey (RAL 7023)
Iron Grey (RAL 7011)
Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Azure Blue (RAL 5009)
Brown Beige (RAL 1011)
Light Blue (RAL 5012)
Moss Green (RAL 6005)
Ochre Brown (RAL 8001)
Ochre Yellow (RAL 1024)
Olive Grey (RAL 7002)
Pastel Blue (RAL 5024)
Pastel Turquoise (RAL 6034)
Pebble Grey (RAL 7032)
Platinum Grey (RAL 7036)
Pure Green (RAL 6037)
Purple Red (RAL 3004)
Rose (RAL 3017)
Signal Yellow
Silver Grey (RAL 7001)
Sky Blue (RAL 5015)
Terra Brown (RAL 8028)
Traffic Purple (RAL 4006)
Traffic Red (RAL 3020)
Turquoise Blue
Ultramarine Blue (RAL 5002)
Yellow Green (RAL 6018)

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SKU: Spectrum Color Pigment

Our Spectrum Color Pigments are fine-tuned for optimal coloring performance with FormFutura Spectrum LCD Color Mix resins. Spectrum Color pigments come in an impressive spectrum of 29 RAL colors. The process for making the specified RAL colors is very easy.

Fine-tuning your colors by applying Spectrum Color Pigments to Spectrum Color Mix resin

  1. For optimal performance it is best to shake the vial with Spectrum Color Pigment thoroughly for approximately 15 seconds.
  2. Pour Spectrum Color Pigment into the bottle of Spectrum Color Mix resin and make sure that the resin bottle is closed properly.
  3. It is best to shake the bottle thoroughly for approximately 1 minute to ensure that the Spectrum Color Mix resin is mixed optimally with the Spectrum Color Pigment.
  4. For an optimal 3D printing experience it is best to let the mixture rest for several minutes to make sure that there aren’t any air bubbles anymore.
  5. You have now created a high-end and easy to print resin in the respective RAL color by close approximation.
  6. For re-usage it is best to shake the colored Spectrum LCD Color Mix resin thoroughly every time before usage.

You can even fine-tune your own colors by mixing pigments into a new color. All Spectrum Color Pigments can be combined to achieve your desired color. The best 3D printing results are obtained by mixing 25gr of Spectrum Color Pigment to 1Kg of Spectrum Color Mix resin. When fine-tuning your own colors it is recommended not apply more than 25gr of (combined) Spectrum Color Pigments.

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