Filaments / PEEK


From   115,70 Excl. VAT
Luvocom 3F PEEK 9581 is one of the highest performing 3D printer filaments with exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties that can replace original metal and composite parts.


From   136,36 Excl. VAT
Luvocom 3F PEEK CF 9676 is one of the highest performing PEEK 3D printer filaments with carbon fiber reinforcement, which 3D prints PEEK parts with improved stiffness and compressive strength.

PEEK filament

PEEK filament, temperature resistant thermoplastic filament

Printing peek filament for 3D printer is a great option because this filament has great resistance to all kinds of organic and inorganic chemicals. That is why you often see Peek being used in industrial and medical technology.

Peek is about 70% lighter compared to other 3D printer filaments with similar properties. What also differentiates Peek from other 3D printer filaments is that it requires an extremely high printing temperature. Depending on the printer, the hot-end must be heated up to as high as 400°C.

For the best results when printing with Peek, We strongly recommend using a heated bed. A heated bed will ensure that the products being printed adhere as well as possible and remain its shape.

Printing peek filament in optimal conditions

A constant temperature that does not fluctuate too much is also very important for good results when printing with Peek.
Too many temperature fluctuations while printing will cause the model to shrink and warp during printing leading to an undesirable end product. To avoid this, we recommend a closed frame with a heated chamber.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of printing Peek filament?


PEEK printed parts are very stable. This means that it retains its shape under considerable changes in temperature, humidity and other conditions. In addition, Peek has very low flammability. Parts printed with Peek are very unlikely to burn or catch fire. In addition, Peek has a high temperature tolerance, which means that Peek is very unlikely to melt. Temperatures as high as 250° are not a problem for PEEK parts. PEEK can even withstand brief exposure to 350°. Last but not least, Peek has great mechanical and chemical resistance properties making it a great filament for applications in extreme environments.


Peek filament for 3D printer can be a relatively expensive filament. It is therefore wise to think carefully beforehand whether Peek is really necessary and whether there is not a different 3D printer filament that meets the same requirements. In addition, Peek has a lower impact strength compared to other filaments, making this filament less suitable for certain products where impact strength is of high priority. Last but not least, Peek is not yet available in many colors. We at FormFutura offer black and natural colors.