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EasyFil HIPS

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EasyFil HIPS is a versatile high-performance Polystyrene type of 3D printer filament that can be used for 3D printing light and durable parts with a matt surface finish.
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3D HIPS filament

3D HIPS filament is an extremely versatile filament that is very similar to ABS filament. HIPS filament uses a similar print temperature and, like ABS and ASA, requires a heating bed to prevent your design from deforming after cooling.

HIPS filament can be used not only as a filament for the design itself, but it can also serve as a supporting filament. It is available in many different colors such as: black, dark blue, gray, natural, red and white.

3D HIPS filament can give many possibilities in combination with ABS or PLA. This requires a printer that can print with two materials at the same time (a dual-feed system or two extruders). This allows you to print extremely complex designs that are not possible with, for example, an FDM printer.

HIPS stands for High Impact Polystyrene. Polystyrene is a popular thermoplastic around the whole world. It is used in disposable cups or plastic cutlery, for example. HIPS filament is not the same as pure Polystyrene. Additional substances are added for the filament.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 3D HIPS filament

The 3D HIPS filament is a very strong and bendy filament. This makes it great for projects where you need a durable material that will withstand alot of force. In addition, HIPS filament can be be used as both a support filament but also as a filament for your products themselves. Making it a very versatile purchase for any 3D printer. It is also a very lightweight material. This is great for products that need to be lighter.


For the best results with HIPS filament you will definitely have to use a heating bed. This will prevent your designs from warping and deforming while it is cooling down. Another downside is that HIPS filament has a strong plastic smell while printing. Making it less suitable for printing in public areas.

Tips for printing with 3D HIPS filament

To print with 3D HIPS filament as a support material, you need a printer that can print two materials simultaneously. In addition, it is also always useful to print a small test object beforehand when using it for the first time to see what the ideal printing temperature is for your printer/printing environment. The ideal printing temperature for HIPS filament is between 220°C and 260°C.