Filaments / PETG


From   14,04 Excl. VAT
ReFill PETG is manufactured for usage with re-usable master spools. Print your own spool.This filament reduces your carbon footprint significantly as packaging waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

EasyFil ePETG

From   9,09 Excl. VAT
EasyFil ePETG is your go-to PETG filament for 3D printing. This PETG filament comes at an unbeatable retail price of €22,49 per kg and wide availability in colors and spool sizes.

ReForm – rPET

From   8,26 Excl. VAT
ReForm rPET is likely to be the most sustainable PETG-based filament on the market. This sustainable PETG filament comes in a wide range of colors and combines strength and toughness with printability.

Addigy F3040

From   3,10 Excl. VAT
Addigy F3040 is a pure PET type of 3D printer filament by Covestro that combines high heat resistance, dimensional stability and outstanding strength with superb fusion & interlayer strength.

High Precision PET

From   10,33 Excl. VAT
A pure PET filament with guaranteed "High Precision" on diameter, ovalidity, shrinkage, and color tolerances. Each spool has its own certificate of analysis, which can be verified by scanning the QR code.


From   11,16 Excl. VAT
HDglass is a high performance PETG type of 3D printer with unsurpassed 3D printing properties and improved mechanical strength, flexibility, toughness and heat resistance.

EasyFil PET

From   9,09 Excl. VAT
EasyFil PET is a pure PET filament that is denser, harder and stronger than traditional PETG filaments. It 3D prints with a very high accuracy and almost no warping.


From   16,53 Excl. VAT
CarbonFil is a 15% carbon fiber reinforced PETG based 3D printer filament that is extremely stiff. CarbonFil 3D prints 3D prints with a high dimensional accuracy and virtually no warping.

PETG 3D filament

PETG 3d filament is a modified version of PET filament. When you first hear about this form of filament, you may recognize the name from the well-known transparent PET bottles. These reusable bottles are made of the same material. Below you will find more information on the ideal printing PETG temperature to achieve the best result. Other print settings and their advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed.

Main properties of PETG filament material

PETG is a combination of ABS and PLA in one filament. The PETG filament is strong and also slightly flexible. The filament is very user-friendly and is also water-resistant. By nature, PETG filament is transparent, just like the PET bottles. However, at Formfutura PETG is also available in different colours. This makes the filament usable for various applications.

PETG printing temperature

You can print objects in any form with this filament. At the right temperature (230 - 250 °C) the filament becomes very fluid. This makes it possible to print at high speed. The filament printing temperature lies between 230 °C and 250 °C. The higher the PETG temperature, the more gloss the printed object will have.

PETG print settings

Depending on the desired end result, it is important to take the right settings into account during printing. PETG 3D filament becomes very fluid at high temperatures, which makes it easy to apply shapes to the object. In addition, PETG is very suitable for use as a raft. If you turn off the ventilator while printing the first layers, you reduce the chance of warping. When printing PETG you are therefore partly in control of the settings. Entirely dependent on the application.

Want to buy PETG at Formfutura?

FormFutura is one of the leading suppliers of additive manufacturing materials in the world. High quality products are our top priority. Furthermore, we have a huge assortment of 3D filaments. One of these high quality filaments is of course the PETG 3d filament. We are continually expanding our range of products on the basis of the trends that are currently taking place in the market. One of these trends is that we are actively promoting sustainable packaging in the AM industry. We supply environmentally friendly recycled products and we support green initiatives.