About FormFutura

Our history

FormFutura was founded in 2012, supplying PLA and ABS to the western European market.

Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, FormFutura quickly grew into an unmistakable brand with resellers and customers across Europe and quickly started gaining an international presence. While FDM 3D printers were becoming accessible the brand has established a foothold in the industry, increasing international demand.

The company continues to grow, supplying to more than 400 resellers and customers in over 75 countries.

What we do

FormFutura is one of the leading suppliers of additive manufacturing materials in the world.

Our expertise and product standards create new opportunities for our customers, and we are constantly updating our offering range with premium products and innovating to the optimal choice and knowledge.

We make a proactive effort to promote sustainable packaging in the AM industry. We supply environmentally friendly recycled products and we support green initiatives.



By offering a complete range of filaments, resins, and adhesives, we now have a one-stop shop that enables customers to get all their materials in one place. We regularly update our product range with the latest innovative products, putting us in the unique position of staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly expanding industry.

In addition to our standard products, we offer custom-made products. Upon request, we create customized colors and spool sizes for existing materials.



Our products are readily accessible around the world through our many resellers. We guarantee the quality of our products and can ship quickly and flexible without limitations to minimum order quantities. By default, resellers are provided with everything they need to bring our products to market.


Customer service

With our friendly support staff — consisting of knowledgeable and season 3D printing technicians — we provide customers with reliable customer support. Our support also covers customers of resellers and partners. Through the website everyone can get access to extensive in-depth information about our materials.


Custom labels & products

Clients can create their own brand with FormFutura products through our private/white label service. Private labels feature fully customizable packaging, while white labels offer unbranded products.


Vision and strategy

Our vision is to be a globally trusted business, reliably delivering consistent and quality products and services to the AM industry.

We strongly believe in our responsibility to our customers, our environment, and the industry.

For customer, we are committed to offering innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient products and services.

We are a front-runner in sustainable packaging of filaments and we continuously make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to the industry is to empower it to shape a better tomorrow, and to be an innovative industry-leading supplier.

All these values together define who we are and drive our success. Together we can work on a better tomorrow.


Open-source mentality

We firmly believe the AM industry stands to benefit immensely from sharing knowledge and technologies openly. The more people can — and know how to — use additive manufacturing, the faster it will be adopted and utilized on a global scale. We actively encourage sharing knowledge about all things 3D printing and strive to empower any field of application by making our products accessible across the globe.

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