Gift Card

From   10,00
A gift card from is the perfect way to encourage creativity and innovation! With a wide range of 3D printing materials available, your loved one, friend, or family member will have everything they need to bring their ideas to life. And with amounts ranging from 10 to 100 euros, there's a gift card for every budget.

Blue Masking Tape (MSK 6085)

From   10,70 Excl. VAT
Eurocel Blue Masking Tape (MSK 6085) is an acrylic water based blue tape, which has an excellent adhesion to the

FEP Film (100μm)

From   8,22 Excl. VAT
  High Light Transmittance FEP Film 100μm This 100μm High Light Transmittance FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) film is specifically engineered

EasyFix Adhesive – Nr. I (200ml atomizer)

From   12,39 Excl. VAT
EasyFix - Nr.I is a 3D printing build plate adhesive for PLA, PET[G], ABS, ASA, HIPS, and FLEX filaments. EasyFix glues firmly to a heated build plate and is self-releasing when the build is cold.

EasyClean Resin Cleaner

From   20,65 Excl. VAT
EasyClean is a 3D printing resin cleaner made from organic solvents and is engineered to safely and effectively remove any uncured photopolymer resin from 3D printed objects.


From   14,46 Excl. VAT
DimaFix is a general purpose 3D printing adhesive that ensures a strong bond between the first layer and the build plate when the bed is heated above 60° C.