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When it comes to private labeling, we offer various options in this regard. For example, we have white label and private label. 

White Label

White labelled filament basically means that the filament and its packaging is not branded. The spool and carton box only contain a label with generic information such as: material, diameter, colour, printing temperature, and a production batch number.

Private Label

Private labeled filament means that filament and packaging can be branded with your own brand. The level of customization is nearly infinite, as spool size and weight can be fully customized and the corresponding labels and boxes can be made according to your own design.

Private label filament options can vary from only labeling a spool with your logo or own designed label to us arranging full colour printed carton boxes according to your own design. Please see below some of the most common private label options.

Start your own filament line today

Private label 3D printer filament options

Nearly all Formfutura filaments can be manufactured as white labeled filament without a brand and as private labeled filament branded with your own brand. While FormFutura offers most filament variants on cardboard spools, plastic spools, either see through or black are also a possibility for all filaments.

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