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General support

Yes you can. We offer several payment options, such as credit card and PayPal.

Our datasheets are available on every product page, but also on our downloads page.

In case the product is not behaving as you are expecting, we are always happy to find the cause. In the best case scenario, we will be able to help you solve the issue, so you can use the product. If we have to determine that the issue cannot be resolved, we will proceed with offering you a fitting solution.

When reaching out to us at support@formfutura.com, please add a clear description of the issue and some pictures on which we can see what is happening. A batch number will also be valuable to us, for we want to check this batch ourselves.

We have a dedicated support team, ready to help you any way we can.

We are very proud of our resellers, who you can find all over the world. You can check out here if there is one close to you.

If you hover over the user icon in the top right corner next to your wish list, you can access the Account Details page. Here you can customize all your personal information.

About the products

No, filament does not expire. We do recommend to dry it before use if the spool has been purchased a while back or if it has been opened before. Please check out the product page or TDS for drying recommendations.

Each printer is unique, so we recommend to experiment with your settings to find the most optimal ones. We do have guidelines on the product page and TDS for each filament. You can use these settings as starting point and tweak them to your liking.

We are aware that there is a lot of PLA in our product range, so we can imagine that it might be difficult to pick the right one for your project. That is why we have made a comparison for you, have a look at our blog about it, to better understand the differences.

Bubbles and popping noises during printing may be the result of moisture. Please try to dry the filament before use, this will most likely solve the problem. For the most accurate way of drying, have a look at the product page or TDS.

If you are still experiencing bubbles and popping noises after drying the filament, please reach out to us at support@formfutura.com. If you can share the printer, settings, drying method, batch number and some pictures with us, we will evaluate the situation and find a fitting solution for you.

Have you already tried to raise the nozzle temperature? This might solve the problem. Although we have guidelines for the printer settings available, you should not be hesitant to raise this temperature. Under-extrusion is usually caused by the filament not melting properly, and raising the temperature will most likely solve this.

If you are still experiencing under-extrusion after raising the temperature, please reach out to us at support@formfutura.com. If you can share the printer, settings, batch number and some pictures with us, we will evaluate the situation and find a fitting solution for you.

No, resin does not expire. We do notice that you need a longer curing time for resins which were purchased about 2 years ago.

Each printer is unique, so we recommend to experiment with your settings to find the most optimal ones. We have some guidelines on the product page, but we have tested these settings on a limited amount of printers.

B2B support

We offer several payment options, such as credit card, PayPal and direct bank transfer.

We do not offer invoice payment right away. You might understand that we need to build a relationship based on trust first. Sending us an official purchase order does help though. We do understand that paying on invoice might be following your company procedures, and an advance payment is not feasible for you. Please contact us at sales@formfutura.com and we can find a solution which will suit us both.

If we are talking about parcel shipments, we can offer shipment via UPS or FedEx, both regular and express shipping. Please do note that it can occur that express shipping is not available for your country.

If we are talking about pallet shipping, we work with DSV for shipments in the EU. For shipments outside of the EU, we request quotes from different forwarders to be able to send you our best offer.

We do accept EXW shipping. As you may understand, there are some rules attached to it:

  • FormFutura does not book shipments on your account
  • Within 2 working days after sending the dimensions, you must confirm that the information has been properly received
  • Within 2 weeks after sending the dimensions, the shipment must be picked up from the FormFutura warehouse

FormFutura does offer dropship orders. We will send these orders to your customers without any documentation containing any sensitive information. Please do understand that such orders are shipped at our customer’s risk.

We are always open to discuss the production of colors we do not have in our own product range. For such requests, we maintain a minimum order quantity of ± 50 kg. Please reach out to our sales team at sales@formfutura.com to obtain all the information you need.

To keep the production process as efficient as possible, we offer private label orders with a minimum order quantity of full pallets. When we’re talking about 1 kg spools, this means a total of 400 kg. Please reach out to our sales team at sales@formfutura.com to get an answer on all your questions.

Our technical team is always happy to review your customer’s feedback and see if we can assist in solving the issue. If your customer needs a compensation due to a defective product, this should be done following your company procedure. Please understand that FormFutura can only compensate the party who has purchased with us. This means that we cannot i.e. send a replacement to your customer directly.

In case a compensation is needed, you can forward the feedback and your compensation towards your customer to us, so we can properly compensate you. When reaching out to us at support@formfutura.com, please share the printer, settings, batch number, some pictures and all other relevant information with us, we will evaluate the situation and find a fitting solution for you.

Order and delivery

Orders placed before 3:00 PM CEST on Monday – Friday are shipped the same day. The tracking information will be sent to you via email once it is available.

If there is any reason your order cannot be shipped the same day, we will contact you to explain why and help you find a fitting solution.  

We do not offer a collection service.

It’s always best to check your spam or promotional folders if you haven’t received any tracking information yet. If this information is not included, an item in your order may be out of stock. In this case we will contact you as soon as possible, or you can contact us at info@formfutura.com.

We do not have any influence on the shipping of your order. If you are worried about the shipment, you can reach out to us. We can then contact the forwarder to ask what I going on and how we can make sure the order reaches you as soon as possible.

If the courier delivers a damaged packaged, it is best to refuse the package upon delivery. The shipment will be returned to us and we can file a claim with the forwarder. If you have accepted the delivery, please send us some pictures of how the shipment arrived and the damage right away.
Either way, we will send you a replacement as soon as possible.

Of course you can!* Please keep in mind that FormFutura takes high value in sustainability, hence our expanding range of ReForm/ReFill products and the recycling project. To stay within this vision, we cannot accept return shipments from outside of the EU.
You may return the filament to us within 14 calendar days from the delivery date, and we will generate a credit note once we have received it. This credit note** can be used as store credit.

Before initiating a return, please contact us at support@formfutura.com. We can then anticipate on the incoming goods. 

 *FormFutura cannot accept returns of products which have been used or opened in any way. Returning the products will be at the customers expense and risk, unless the goods delivered do not correspond with the goods ordered.

 **FormFutura can only issue a credit note for the unopened items. Opened items and shipping costs will not be added to the store credit.


In short: you can sign up, send us your scrap PLA and PET and you will receive a coupon code as a thank you gift.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our recycling program:

  • We only collect PLA and PET at the moment, but we are already looking for ways to expand this range.
  • It does not matter if the filament is FormFutura branded or not.
  • Shipping scrap material is on the customers’ expense.

But please have a look at the dedicated page for this project to obtain all the information and sign up.

The FormFutura recycling program is focused on EU countries only. Shipping from outside of the EU to The Netherlands comes with multiple extra costs for both the sending and receiving party, which makes it less cost effective for us both. Perhaps you can find a local initiative which can recycle your failed prints and waste filament.

No, we do not have a recycling program for empty spools, both plastic and cardboard. We do understand the need for such a program, but we have not yet found a sustainable way of starting one. Please have a look at the local possibilities for recycling empty spools.

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