Transforming Waste into Value

With FormFutura’s Recycling Program

FormFutura Recycle Program

In the last ten years, concerns about the environmental impact of human activities have grown steadily. Manufacturing, in particular, has been a focal point of worry due to its significant consumption of natural resources and the vast amount of waste it generates. The emergence of 3D printing has presented a potential solution to these environmental challenges.

As read in our most recent blog:Is recycling the best solution for 3D printing scraps? We see a rising trend where 3D printing expands across various sectors, including manufacturing and healthcare, the associated waste becomes a significant issue, with reports indicating that approximately 33% of all 3D prints result in waste.

Welcome to the FormFutura Recycle Program! Help us say farewell to failed prints and excess materials, and focus on recycling 3D printed PLA and PET(G) waste materials. 

Participating is easy

Joining the FormFutura Recycling Program is a breeze, making it easy to contribute to a more sustainable future for 3D printing. Simply gather your used FormFutura filaments, ensuring they are sorted into separate boxes for PLA and PETG.

FormFutura will handle the recycling process, transforming your waste into high-quality filament for future use. As a token of appreciation for your commitment to sustainability, you'll receive a special 10% discount on all your FormFutura orders throughout 2024.

Step 1: Sign Up for the FormFutura Newsletter

Joining our Recycle Program is easy! Start by signing up for the FormFutura newsletter. By subscribing, you'll stay updated on the latest news and receive exclusive offers. We will need your details to send you the survey and coupon code!

FormFutura Recycle Program

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Step 2: Provide Essential Feedback

Your opinion matters! As a valued Recycle Program Partner, we encourage you to share your thoughts and insight about our recycling program. Following the welcome email, we will send you a survey. Please take a few minutes (no more than 5) to fill out our short survey. Your feedback helps us enhance our program and provide you with a better experience.

Step 3: Receive Your Exclusive Discount

As a token of our appreciation, once you complete the survey, you will receive a special discount code. This code grants you a 10% discount on all your orders until the 31st of December 2024. Enjoy savings while contributing to a sustainable future!

Step 4: Participate in our Recycling Program

Gather your leftover 3D printed PLA and PET(G) materials, and submit them to us. We'll process these materials into new, high-quality filaments, giving them a second life. Read the exact steps on the next page!

Recycle Program - Waste
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