Expanding 3D printing.

At FormFutura, we want to enable educational institutions to familiarize students with the most innovative production technique: 3D printing. For that reason, we offer an educational program through which institutions like Fablabs, schools, universities, and research institutions can buy our filament at discounted prices and with special payment conditions. 3D printing is not just a more sustainable production technique though. It also inspires creativity and adds a powerful tool for students to express themselves.

Supporting institutions.

To us, both regular education and the FabLab ideology are a thing of beauty. For 3D printing, accessibility is one of the main hurdles to overcome. Introducing students, young and old alike to this directly contribute towards making innovative production technologies more accessible worldwide through community and facilitating more maker spaces.

Why FormFutura?

While our focus is on supplying the 3D printing community with high-quality products and excellent customer service, we are constantly exploring new and exciting opportunities to better service the 3D printing community. We do this by both expanding our product range with more innovative materials and by making our entire product range as accessible as possible. That is also why we have developed a global network of resellers.

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