New – FormFutura ReFill System

At FormFutura, we're dedicated to being the most sustainable 3D printing brand possible. That's why we created ReFill, our most eco-friendly filament range yet!

To accompany this product range, we needed a new system to use the coils. The FormFutura ReFill System, is the ultimate solution for efficient and sustainable 3D printing.

Our innovative system consists of ReFill Flanges and a flange connector, designed to seamlessly integrate with ReFill filament coils such as ReFill PLA, ReFill PETG, ReFill ColorMorph, CarbonFil CF03, BioWood, and Premium PLA CF03.

We've all seen the mountains of plastic waste generated by traditional filament spools. Last year, we announced the next step in our sustainability journey: ReFill!

Refill: Sustainable Printing Made Easy

ReFill offers a completely new way to experience 3D printing filament. We've ditched the wasteful plastic spools altogether. ReFill consists only of the filament coil itself, housed in a reusable, vacuum-sealed bag, and a connection core. This significantly reduces waste compared to traditional spools.

Many in the community have been creating their own reusable spools and flanges for ReFill. That's fantastic!

But we know some folks might prefer a ready-made option. To make refilling even easier and get you printing faster, we're now offering official ReFill Flanges! No need to wait or worry about printing your own – jump right into sustainable printing with ReFill Flanges.

Using ReFill Flanges is Simple!

Here's how you can get started with ReFill and our innovative ReFill Flanges:

  1. Prep the Flange: Take one half of the ReFill Flange and press your ReFill filament coil onto it. Line up the handy Velcro straps on the coil with the cutouts in the flange.
  2. Secure the Coil: Carefully take the other half of the flange and press it firmly on top of the coil, creating a secure enclosure.
  3. Fasten with the connection core: Here's the clever part! Instead of cutting them off, carefully remove the Velcro straps from the outside of the flange, and screw in the connection core.
  4. Lock it In: Now, take the inner core of the flange, and tighten them securely to lock the two halves of the flange together, keeping your filament coil safe and sound. Don't throw the Velcro strips out, as you might want to use them if you want to switch the coils!

Refill Flanges: Sustainable Printing at Its Finest

With ReFill Flanges, you can enjoy high-quality 3D printing filament while minimizing your environmental impact. It's a win-win for both you and the planet!

Ready to make the switch to sustainable printing? Order your ReFill filament and system today!

FormFutura ReFill System

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ReFill Reusable Flanges vary in Sizes and availability. To be sure your flanges fit, select the correct version below.

200mm Flanges: Compatible with filament coils ranging from 0 to 1kg.
245mm Flanges: Suitable for filament coils ranging from 0 to 2kg.

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