High Performance Resin – Rigid Ceramic

From   103,26 Excl. VAT
Our High Performance Resin – Rigid Ceramic has been reinforced with durable nanoparticle ceramics. This makes it one of the

Engineering SLA Resin – Tough

From   66,11 Excl. VAT
FormFutura’s 100μm High Light Transmittance FEP film is specifically engineered for 3D printing and combines the highest transparency rate in FEP film with excellent light transmission properties.

Engineering SLA Resin – Heavy Duty

From   78,50 Excl. VAT
Engineering SLA Series - Heavy Duty Resin is a SLA 3D printing resin that features an unsurpassed combination of impressive flexural strength with high-temperature resistance and durability.

Engineering LCD Resin – Tough

From   66,11 Excl. VAT
Engineering LCD Series – Tough Resin is an extremely impact resistant 3D printing resin that combines toughness with durability and displays outstanding scratch resistance properties.

Engineering LCD Resin – Strong

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Engineering LCD Series – Strong Resin is a 3D printing resin that finds its "strength" in a unique combination of excellent flexural strength properties with impressive tensile strength properties.


From   115,70 Excl. VAT
Luvocom 3F PEEK 9581 is one of the highest performing 3D printer filaments with exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties that can replace original metal and composite parts.

Engineering LCD Resin – Ultimate 2TW

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This engineering resin is Tough, Temperature resistant and Weather resistant (2TW). Printed parts exhibit a modulus comparable to polypropylene (PP) and have memory shape capabilities.

Engineering LCD Resin – Impact 71D

From   47,52 Excl. VAT
Engineering LCD Resin – Impact 71D is a durable ABS-like resin with an improved impact strength. This 3D printing resin has a shore hardness of 71D and exhibits excellent machinability properties.


From   2,23 Excl. VAT
DURABIO combines most of the advantageous properties of PC and PMMA. It is a bio-based engineering 3D printer filament with great value.

Addigy F1030 FR

From   5,17 Excl. VAT
Addigy F1030 FR is a PA6/66 PA (nylon) type of 3D printer filament by Covestro. It is the first-ever UL Blue Card certified PA6/66 3D printer filament and it meets the UL 94 V-0 flammability standards.


From   11,16 Excl. VAT
TitanX is a modified ABS-based 3D printer filament with greatly improved mechanical properties and printability. TitanX is the next generation ABS that 3D prints with high precision and zero warping.


From   59,92 Excl. VAT
PEI ULTEM 9085 combines excellent thermal properties, exceptional dimensional stability, inherent flame retardancy and good chemical resistance into a high performance 3D printing filament.