Impact strength

Impact strength


From   2,23 Excl. VAT
DURABIO combines most of the advantageous properties of PC and PMMA. It is a bio-based engineering 3D printer filament with great value.


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ABSpro is a PC-ABS filament that is perfect for 3D printing mechanical parts. It is durable, strong and impact resistant and 3D prints with a high dimensional accuracy and perfect interlayer adhesion.

Addigy F1030-CF10

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Addigy F1030-CF10 is a PA6/66 PA (nylon) type of 3D printer filament by Covestro that is filled with 10% carbon fibers and 3D prints stiff, tough and strong parts with nearly injection molded properties.

Engineering LCD Resin – Impact 71D

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Engineering LCD Resin – Impact 71D is a durable ABS-like resin with an improved impact strength. This 3D printing resin has a shore hardness of 71D and exhibits excellent machinability properties.