Transforming Waste into Value

Transform waste

With FormFutura’s Recycling Program

Through our recycling program you can say goodbye to failed prints and excess materials. We breathe new life into old products, turning them into high-quality filaments, all while significantly reducing waste.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1 - Sort Your Rest Materials

Divide your remaining materials into separate boxes. Keep PLA separate from PETG. When sending rest filaments, please remove them from the carton spool. Remember, we only recycle plastics, not paper.

You don't need to sort by colour; just focus on separating materials by type of plastics.


Step 2 - Label Your Boxes

Clearly write the sender and receiver information on the box, specifying the type of materials it contains. For the receiver information, use the following details:

Tarweweg 3, 6534 AM Nijmegen
Attn: FormFutura Recycling Project

Step 3 - Send and Transform

Once you've packaged your materials, send them our way. We'll shred the rest materials, turning them into pellets and then into new filaments. You can dispose of your excess materials and make a positive contribution to a better world.

Start Recycling Today!

Recycle now

With the FormFutura’s Recycling Program

Transforming Waste into Value

Join us in making a difference by recycling the type of plastic you're sending. Together, we're reducing waste and creating a more sustainable future.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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