Matt PLA

From   11,16 Excl. VAT
Matt PLA is an aesthetical PLA type of 3D printer filament that 3D prints parts with fine detail and a rough and matt surface finish.


From   14,04 Excl. VAT
ReFill PETG is manufactured for usage with re-usable master spools. Print your own spool.This filament reduces your carbon footprint significantly as packaging waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

High Gloss PLA ColorMorph

From   12,40 Excl. VAT
High Gloss PLA – ColorMorph combines two High Gloss PLA colors in one filament. As a result the color of 3D printed objects will change with every change in light source or viewing angle.

Centaur PP

From   15,29 Excl. VAT
Centaur PP is a lightweight and high-performance Polypropylene 3D printer filament. Centaur PP 3D prints with a superb interlayer adhesion and features outstanding mechanical properties.

ReForm – rTitan

From   9,50 Excl. VAT
ReForm rTitan is a recycled modified ABS-based type of 3D printer filament that is made from the post-industrial extrusion waste streams of our TitanX and by that offers the same unique properties.

Volcano PLA

From   13,64 Excl. VAT
Volcano PLA is an industrial grade PLA type of 3D printer filament that is engineered for high 3D printing speeds, high heat resistance, high impact strength, and mechanical properties similar to ABS.

Premium ABS

From   9,50 Excl. VAT
Premium ABS is our entry-level ABS type of 3D printer filament that 3D prints impact resistant parts with good physical and thermal properties.


From   14,46 Excl. VAT
DimaFix is a general purpose 3D printing adhesive that ensures a strong bond between the first layer and the build plate when the bed is heated above 60° C.

ReForm – rApollo

From   9,50 Excl. VAT
ReForm rApollo is likely to be the most sustainable ASA-based filament on the market. This filament is UV- and weather resistant and combines printability with a high impact strength and good heat resistance.


From   15,70 Excl. VAT
EasyWood is a PLA-based 3D printer filament that is filled with 40% wood particles. EasyWood filament is perfect for 3D printing objects with real wood-like aesthetics, smell and touch.

Python Flex TPU 98A

From   16,53 Excl. VAT
Python Flex TPU 98A is a flexible type of 3D printer filament with a shore hardness of 98A and is perfect for 3D printing strong and resilient parts that require flexibility and elasticity.

EasyFil ABS

From   9,50 Excl. VAT
EasyFil ABS is an advanced and relatively easy to process ABS type of 3D printer filament that offers improved mechanical properties compared to regular ABS filaments.