9 Inspiring Summer Projects!

Summer is the perfect time to unleash your creativity with 3D printing. We've curated nine exciting projects that are both fun and functional.

Whether you're looking to enhance your beach experience, upgrade your garden, or simply enjoy some DIY crafting, these projects will inspire you to make the most of your summer with innovative and practical 3D prints.

#1 Toy Plane by Gillis

This 3D printed toy plane by Gillis is the perfect way to get kids (and adults!) outside for some fun in the sun.

We recommend to print with EasyFil ePLA or ePETG for some improved durability!

#2 Sunglasses by DukeDoks

DukeDoks on Thingiverse has your summer style covered with these 3D printed sunglasses! They're easy on the eyes (and the printer), with a simple assembly process. So ditch the boring shades and customize your look with a rainbow of colors!

We recommend ReFill PLA to print these cool looking glasses!

#3 Fallout Laser Pistol by Props3DPro

The Fallout TV series has us itching for a post-apocalyptic adventure, and Props3DPro's incredible Laser Pistol is the perfect summer project to fuel the hype! This 3D printable replica will have you feeling like a wasteland warrior in no time.

We recommend to print with High Precision PLA for this Fallout Pistol!

#4 Chunky Cat Plant Pot by Tomo_Designs

Meet the ultimate chill houseplant companion: the Chunky Cat Plant Pot by FormFutura's Tomo Designs! This adorable design isn't just cute – it's 3D printed by the talented Tomo himself, proving that even playtime can be productive.

For a classic print, EasyFil ePLA works great. But if you want your planter to truly thrive alongside your plants, choose EasyFil ePETg for its water-resistant properties.

#5 Modular Spool Holder by FormFutura

This spool holder is designed for effortless adjustment, printing seamlessly with spools of varying sizes and weights. It offers a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy assembly and customization. No non-3D printable parts needed!

We recommend FormFutura's ReFill 2.0 with re-usable spool flanges and Velcro strips.

#6 BinLink by Hugo

We love to see the creative storage systems people make, they're always inspired by the wish of a clean and organized desk. When Hugo showed this interlocking storage system, we knew we had to put this 3D print on this list. 

To print these BinLink Storage System, we recommend our Premium PLA

#7 PET Filament Recycler by Shaoibkhan786

Have you ever wanted to make your own PET recycling station? This awesome PET Filament Recycler by Shaoibkhan786 is a great project to 3D print this summer. Slice your PET bottles into stips and let the machine do the rest!

We recommend HD Glass to print this PET Filament Recycler!

#8 Filament Dry Box by Rod5

To improve your 3D printing experience of materials like PP, ASA or Nylon, we recommend to make sure that your spools are dried for at least 12 hours before printing. We also understand you don't want to put them in the oven next to your fresh baked pie. Therefore, we love this Filament Dry Box by Rod5!

Use EasyFil PLA or ePETG for this print!

#9 Japanse Garden Lantern by SWprinter77

We have been looking forward to spending our summer outside again. This eye-catching Japanese Garden Lantern is the perfect 3D print to make your outdoor space that much more cozy!

If you're printing this to use outside use a UV resistant material like ApolloX or if you keep it indoors an EasyFil ePLA or ePETG will do just fine!