EasyFix – The Ultimate 3D Printing Adhesive

The first layer is of great importance in 3D printing. EasyFix truly is an easy choice to make


In 3D printing the first layer is crucial for the remainder of your FDM / FFF 3D print. As it is the foundation for all 3D printed layers that follow, some people even describe it as the most important layer in the process of 3D printing . A poor first layer adhesion to the print surface can result in warping, or worse, the 3D print coming loose from the print bed, which will subsequently lead to a failed print and (lots of) frustration. EasyFix will help you achieve a perfect first layer adhesion.

EasyFix 3D printing adhesive is engineered to glue firmly to your heated build plate, making your 3D printer filament stick firmly to the build plate. On the other hand it has excellent release properties when the build plate is cold. This makes it very easy to remove a printed object from the build plate. By working with EasyFix you effectively reduce the risk of damaging your 3D printers build plate and the 3D printed object in the process.

Every 3D printer filament has its own special properties. Therefore the choice of the correct 3D printer adhesive is important. With the EasyFix 3D printer adhesive you always have the correct adhesive for the job. The choice for the best suitable adhesive is easily made with EasyFix. 


With EasyFix we made it easy so you can see what adhesive you need for your material


EasyFix self-releases when the heated bed is cooled down, so you can easily remove the printed parts.


EasyFix is so easy… you can just clean it off with warm water.

EasyFix – Compatibility And Usage


The field of 3D printing is expanding more and more. Therefore the use of 3D printer filaments is expanding too. Over the past year we have expanded our 3D printer filament and resin portfolio significantly and therefore we are aware of the importance of the correct adhesion. And therefore the right adhesive. EasyFix provides the perfect solution for your 3D printing adhesion problems and can be matched with every 3D printer filament. 

There is an EasyFix adhesive solution for nearly any type of 3D printer filament. Shake the bottle with EasyFix well before using. Make sure that the build plate of your 3D printer is clean and at room temperature before applying EasyFix to the print bed of your 3D printer. Press the applicator sponge down onto the build plate in order for the EasyFix 3D printing adhesive to saturate the applicator sponge. Let the EasyFix adhesive gradually saturate the applicator sponge. Never squeeze the bottle!

When the applicator sponge is saturated you can start applying the EasyFix adhesive evenly on the printable surface of the build plate of your 3D printer. Make sure that your 3D printer’s z-height is correct before starting your 3D print. The EasyFix adhesive will stick firmly when your build plate is heated up. 

Wait till the print platform of your 3D printer is cooled down to room temperature before removing your 3D printed object. EasyFix 3D printing adhesives have excellent release properties making your 3D printed object come loose from the 3D printer’s build platform when cooled down. If it still is difficult to remove the 3D printed object you can apply a small amount of warm water to the printed object and the print surface. Let the water creep underneath the 3D printed object before slowly removing it.

A build platform that is prepared with EasyFix adhesive can be used for multiple 3D prints.


Our EasyFix adhesives are developed to be the perfect match for your 3D printer filament. We have matched EasyFix adhesive based on polymers and therefore it can also be used for other brands of 3D printer filaments, but also our partner materials such as DSM, Copper3D and Mitsubishi Chemical.