FormFutura Affiliate Program

Welcome to the FormFutura affiliate program! We are happy to have you join our affiliate program! Having a great understanding who FormFutura is, and what our products do, are part of becoming a successful affiliate.

To help you get started, we've compiled a few of our most sold 3D printing filaments, examples of successful influencers, and helpful tips and tricks.

Getting familiar with FormFutura 3D printing materials:

We boast an extensive portfolio of filaments and resins, catering to diverse printing needs and applications. From the ever-reliable PLA and ABS to exotic PEEK and engineering-grade nylons! Have a look at our materials their descriptions, technical specifications, and applications.


ReFill PLA is our most sustainable PLA ever! This PLA comes as a coil in a reusable vacuum sealed bag. It’s used with the free to download FormFutura flanges!  

Our go-to filament for 3D Printing! Thanks to its high quality and low price, EasyFil ePLA is perfect for people who just start with 3D printing or quick and affordable prototypes!

EasyFil PLA is an easy to print PLA. Available in a wide range of colors. Its warp-free printing and improved flowing behaviour make EasyFil PLA a great all round PLA.

Perfect for prototypes and semifinished products!

Combining two High Gloss PLA colors making High Gloss PLA ColorMorph the perfect filament for eye-catching aesthetic prints. As a result, the color of the 3D print with every change in light source or viewing angle.

More information about PLA compared

EasyFil ePLA - Fil
EasyFil ePETG - nozzle boxes


ReForm rPET is likely to be one of the most sustainable PETG-based filament on the market. Completely made from renewed materials.

This sustainable PETG filament combines strength and toughness with easy printability.

EasyFil ePETG is your go-to PETG filament for 3D printing. Fully optimized for the new high speed 3D printing technology. It is easy to print and an affordable 3D printer filament.

Printing with EasyFil ePETG is almost as easy as 3D printing with PLA.

HD in HDGlass stands for “Heavy Duty”. It has outstanding properties with respect to strength, toughness and temperature resistance.
Next to this, it is a high gloss and ultra-transparent 3D printer filament  with unsurpassed 3D printing properties and improved mechanical strength, flexibility, toughness and heat resistance.

More about PET(G)


ApolloX is a modified ASA based 3D printer filament with improved mechanical properties and is suitable for 3D printing mechanical parts and outdoor applications with high precision and zero warping.

ReForm rApollo is likely to be one of the most sustainable ASA-based filament on the market. This filament is UV- and weather resistant and combines printability with a high impact strength and good heat resistance.

 Sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand.

  • Renewed materials only, no virgin fossil- or virgin natural resources used.
  • All FormFutura packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • Spooled on sturdy recycled and FSC certified cardboard spools.

ApolloX CF10 combines all benefits of ApolloX filament plus 10% carbon fibers. 

ApolloX CF10 is a modified ASA based 3D printer filament with improved mechanical properties and is suitable for 3D printing mechanical parts and outdoor applications with high precision and zero warping.

ApolloX Kevlar is a high-performance aramid fiber reinforced ASA filament. The enhancement with Kevlar results in a shatterproof 3D printing material.

Kevlar does not break and by that greatly improves the impact and damage resistance. ApolloX Kevlar is very easy to 3D print on open desktop machines. No enclosure, or heated chamber is needed! Its low shrinkage factor and perfect layer adhesion make ApolloX Kevlar a breeze to print with.

More about ASA

Choose the right marketing channels

Being an affiliate isn't just about having great models and products - it's about reaching the right audience with the right message. When promoting yourself, choosing the marketing channels that align with your strengths and target audience is crucial. Let's explore two powerful avenues: social media and 3D printing model websites.

3D Printing Model Websites:

Model websites like Thingiverse and Printables are treasure troves for makers searching for inspiration and ready-to-print designs. Here's how you can get your models on the front page:

Thingiverse homepage

A model page on Printables

Make a great model
it starts all with the right model, find out what makes your models unique. Identify and focus on what helps you stand out from the 100's if not 1000s of other models uploaded every day!

It's a great practice to keep in mind that your model performs best if it is easy to print. That is why it is important to think of the correct orientation, overhangs and other factors.

Add your branding

Developing a strong brand is crucial to getting people to notice your 3D prints. It all comes down to developing a distinct identity that makes your work stand out.

Create a distinctive color scheme that will serve as your brand. Consider using vibrant, unified colors that accentuate one another and create a visual theme for all of your artwork.

Identify your specialty. Avoid attempting to please everyone. Do you specialize in fanciful animals, incredibly lifelike architectural models, or perhaps useful everyday devices? By concentrating on a specific functional goal or design aesthetic, you can draw in a clientele that is aware of what to anticipate from you.

Some makers with great branding are




Take the right pictures. It is super important for your model to be found, make sure you have an easy to spot color palette, and think about how you would like to be recognized online. 

Some makers with great pictures are


Augustin Arroyo


Engage in the Community: 

Remember, the key is to be genuine, informative, and engaging. Don't just spam links! Offer valuable insights, showcase the unique benefits of your models and FormFutura filaments, and build trust with your audience. By choosing the right channels for your 3D prints, you'll unlock a successful affiliate journey with FormFutura!

Bonus Tip: Combine your efforts! Promote your social media content on 3D printing model websites and vice versa. Cross-pollination maximizes your reach and reinforces your expertise in the eyes of potential customers.

Make your 3D model stand out:

Your model may be the best in the world, but if the presentation isn't right, no one will find your masterpiece. With a catchy title, clear description, video or GIF, and the right template, you can make your 3D model an irresistible eye-catcher.

1. The title:

The title is the first thing potential viewers see. So make it catchy and relevant, focusing on the features and benefits of your model. Use keywords that people are likely to use to search for models like yours.

2. The description:

Write a clear and concise description that grabs attention and makes it clear what makes your model unique. Mention the features, benefits, and possible uses. Make your text SEO-friendly by using relevant keywords.

3. Video or GIF:

A video or GIF is a great way to show your model in action. This gives potential viewers a better idea of what your model can do and what it looks like.

4. The template:

Use a professional template that fits the style of your model. This ensures a uniform and recognizable appearance.

5. Affiliate link:

Don't forget to add an affiliate link to your 3D model description. This way you can earn commission when someone buys FormFutura filament through your link.

Click on the images for a larger picture

Social Media

Think of social media as your vibrant online bulletin board. Depending on your audience and platform preference, you can tap into the diverse communities that thrive on.

Collaborate with us
Instagram's collaboration option, released in June 2021, allows you to co-author content with other Instagram users such as FormFutura, ensuring that the post appears on all profiles.

You'll exchange views, likes, and comments, allowing you to leverage and interact with one other's communities.

Click on the image for a larger picture

After publishing your Reel or feed post to Instagram, navigate to the sharing box and tap "Tag People".

You'll see the option "Invite a Collaborator." After tapping, search and choose the users you want to collaborate with (up to three).

Once you've decided on your collaborators, share the post as usual, and they'll receive a request in their DM. When they agree, the post will also appear on their feed, increasing the post's reach.
and potential audience!

Other Social Media Tips

Showcase stunning prints using FormFutura filaments with high-quality photos and engaging captions. Utilize relevant hashtags like #3Dprinting, #FormFutura, and #filament to reach a wider audience. Run contests or polls to encourage interaction and build excitement.

Join and actively participate in groups dedicated to 3D printing and specific materials like PLA or ABS. Share valuable content like print tips, comparisons, and your thoughts on using FormFutura filaments. 

Create informative tutorial videos showcasing printing processes, unique applications, and comparisons between different FormFutura filaments. Offer valuable insights and problem-solving tips to establish yourself as a reliable resource.

Working with Affilately


On the Homepage tab, you’ll find the most important info summarized at a glance:
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  • Your earnings info
    This section shows you a summary of your all-time received and pending commission, as well as the amount of referral orders and the total order value you’ve generated. 

💡 This data is refreshed every 5 minutes.

  • See summary data for specific period
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Info page

On the Info page tab, you’ll find all the info the program owner provided for promoting the store and the amount of commission you’ll receive for each referral.
  • Your affiliate link and the short version
  • QR code


On the Stats tab you’ll find info about your generated daily conversion.

⚠️ The shown conversion only takes paid orders into account! If the order isn’t paid yet it won’t show up in your stats.

Pick a specific date range to see your daily performance for the selected time period. You can also export this data.

💡 The maximum time period for this report is 120 days.


On the Orders tab you’ll see an overview of your recent referral orders and how they have been generated. Use the date fields to select a different time period. You can also export this data.

This additional info helps you to monitor the performance of your different affiliate links:

    • Referring page is where the affiliate link has been clicked from
    • Landing page is the page to which the referral was led to

Remember, we're here to support you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated affiliate team if you have any questions or need further assistance. We're always happy to help!

Here are some additional resources you might find useful:

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Thanks again for joining, and we're excited to see your success!

Best regards,

The FormFutura Affiliate Team