Formfutura And DSM Announce Distribution Collaboration

Formfutura partnership with DSM

We are proud to announce that Formfutura has established a partnership with DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, in which Formfutura will become an official distribution partner for DSM’s high-performance industrial graded filaments.

With this new partnership Formfutura can now facilitate its partners and customers with DSM’s high-performance polymers and by that give access to new markets. Each of the DSM filaments offered by Formfutura are industrial-graded and unique in its kind and therefore are perfectly supplementary to our Formfutura product range. With this new partnership you’ll now have access to the DSM filaments via the Formfutura website and resellers.

Next to having access to new and supplementary industrial-graded materials we will also cooperate in new test methods that will make it easy to compare mechanical properties of 3D printed objects across our combined filament ranges.

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All DSM’s high-performance industrial graded filaments are available as of now.

“At DSM, we believe that partnerships across the additive manufacturing ecosystem are critical to unlock the full potential of this new technology,” said Jill Cohen, Global Director Marketing & Sales for DSM Additive Manufacturing. “Our collaboration with Formfutura allows us to extend our global reach, providing customers with easy ordering and support for our high-performance filaments across all regions and markets.”

Jill Cohen

Global Director Marketing & Sales, DSM Additive Manufacturing

“We are proud of this collaboration with DSM as we see a rapidly growing demand in the FFF 3D printing market for industrial grade and high-performance materials in both industrial and SME sectors,” 
said Arnold Medenblik, CEO of Formfutura. “The DSM materials are a great addition to our Formfutura product range and through our global network of resellers, these high-performance polymers will now be available to everyone. This new portfolio will also open doors to new markets for both Formfutura and our partners.”

Arnold Medenblik

CEO of Formfutura

 For more information, see also the Press Release of DSM: