Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season, often deemed one of the most stressful times of the year, can be a challenge for gift-givers. As wish lists grow, and time slips away like the elusive glühwein disappearing from store shelves, the pressure mounts.

At FormFutura, we believe that the art of gift-giving shouldn't be a daunting task, especially with a little assistance from Santa and our dedicated team of FormFutura helpers.

To make your holiday shopping easier, we've curated a gift guide with 3D printing enthusiasts in mind. Our list spans various price points and caters to diverse personal tastes, featuring everything from our budget-friendly EasyFil ePLA and sustainable ReFill solutions to the high-end CarbonFil, some of which are our staff's daily go-to recommendations.

Whether your gift recipient is your mom, dad, friend, or neighbour, our guide has enough ideas to satisfy every loved one on your holiday wish list.

EasyFil PLA – Pastel

While the traditional Christmas color palette leans towards bold reds, emerald greens, and shimmering gold, consider 3D printing pastel Christmas decorations. EasyFil PLA, our go-to filament for 3D printing, boasts high-speed capabilities, making it a must-try for enthusiasts. The possibilities are endless, and who wouldn't be delighted to receive these beautiful pastel creations under the Christmas tree?

EasyFil PLA

From   9,50 Excl. VAT
EasyFil PLA is an easy to print PLA type of 3D printer filament that is available in a wide variety of colors. Its improved flowing behavior make 3D printed layers flow more into each other.
EasyFil ePLA - Fil

EasyFil ePLA – Miniature House

Dive into the holiday spirit by 3D printing a charming Christmas Cabin designed by Alectro for MiniWorld3D. Crafted using EasyFil ePLA – Pearl Bronze and Snow White, this miniaturized house is a delightful addition to festive décor. Read our interview with MiniWorld 3D for insights into their inspiring work and predictions for the future of the 3D printing industry.

EasyFil ePLA

From   8,26 Excl. VAT
EasyFil ePLA is your go-to PLA filament for 3D printing. This PLA filament comes at an unbeatable retail price of €19,99 per kg and wide availability in colors and spool sizes.

ReFill PETG – Stroopwafel Boxes

Elevate your Christmas tree decorations with ReFill PETG, the perfect filament for creating reusable and aesthetically pleasing objects. Our 3D printers have been hard at work producing charming Stroopwafel boxes, ensuring a delightful surprise under the Christmas tree year after year.


From   14,04 Excl. VAT
ReFill PETG is manufactured for usage with re-usable master spools. Print your own spool.This filament reduces your carbon footprint significantly as packaging waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

ReFill PLA Christmas Cards

Give the gift of environmentally conscious 3D printing with ReFill PLA filament, available in a range of colours, including traditional Christmas hues. This spool-less filament is compatible with our innovative ReFill 2.0 system, accessible on platforms like Printables, Thangs, and Thingiverse.

ReFill PLA

From   12,40 Excl. VAT
ReFill PLA is manufactured for usage with re-usable master spools. Print your own spool. This filament reduces your carbon footprint significantly as packaging waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

EasyFil PLA – Glow in the Dark

Illuminate the dark days around Christmas with the gift of Glow in the Dark EasyFil PLA filament. This incredible filament charges and emits a dim but cozy light when exposed to light. Fun fact: the glowing effect is produced by zinc sulfide and zinc sulfate particles, absorbing and slowly releasing light energy over time. The more particles, the brighter and longer-lasting the glow!

EasyFil PLA – Glow in the Dark

From   11,98 Excl. VAT
EasyFil PLA - Glow in the Dark offers all properties of EasyFil PLA, but with a unsurpassed bright green glow in the dark color effect.

This holiday season, let FormFutura be your guide to stress-free and thoughtful gift-giving for the 3D printing enthusiast in your life.


Happy printing and happy holidays!