FormFutura’s 2023

As the year draws to a close, we at FormFutura take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey we've shared with you. It's been an extraordinary year filled with innovation, groundbreaking initiatives, and unwavering passion for the 3D printing revolution.

New website

We kicked off the year with a bang by unveiling our sleek and modern new website. This refresh not only enhanced your user experience but also showcased our dedication to providing a seamless and intuitive platform for your 3D printing needs.


In a constant pursuit of sustainability, we launched our ReFill PLA and PETG filaments, a game-changer in the 3D printing industry. These refillable spools eliminated the need for single-use packaging, significantly reducing our environmental impact and paving the way for a circular 3D printing future.

Recycling Program

Our commitment to sustainability reached a new pinnacle with the launch of our Recycling Program. This ambitious initiative allows you to return your used FormFutura filaments, ensuring they don't end up in landfills. With your support, we're transforming used material into high-quality filament for others to enjoy.

Summer Sale

The summer brought a flurry of excitement with our annual Summer Sale, where we unveiled a plethora of new products, including High Precision PLA and PET along with the massive 2kg ReFill coils! STYX Nylon PA6, and Python Flex 90A/98A further expanded our range of premium materials, catering to a wider range of 3D printing enthusiasts.


Formnext, the world's leading 3D printing event, marked another highlight in our year. Our team worked tirelessly to create an awe-inspiring and unique booth, showcasing the transformative power of 3D printing. We were delighted to witness the buzz and enthusiasm generated by our groundbreaking materials, particularly EasyFil PLA Elephant grey, which was used to 3D print almost everything in the booth, including the furniture!

Black Friday

And finally, the excitement of Black Friday brought holiday cheer to the hearts of 3D printing enthusiasts everywhere. We unveiled extraordinary discounts on our entire range of filaments, igniting a frenzy among our customers. 

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we remain deeply grateful for your unwavering support and partnership. Your passion for 3D printing fuels our own, and we're thrilled to continue this journey together.

Thank you for being a part of FormFutura. We look forward to an even more exciting and innovative year ahead!


The FormFutura Team