List All Formfutura Products Easily With Icecat

FormFutura Icecat

We are happy to announce that all Formfutura products, data sheets, and other footage are listed in the worldwide open product catalogue of Icecat!

Open Icecat

Open Icecat is a worldwide unique open catalogue with product details, images and data-sheets in co-operation with high tech sponsoring brands and online channel partners. All Formfutura products are listed in Icecat Open Catalogue and are distributed for free to the online channel.

Thanks to the direct connection between Icecat and Formfutura, the Icecat editorial team is able to import and maintain the Formfutura product portfolio every day and to fully standardize the product information for various ecommerce applications. Online businesses can now very easily integrate all Formfutura products in their ERP or webshop in XML or URL formats.

Benefits of Formfutura listed in Icecat Open Catalogue

  • The most cost-efficient integrated content solution for Formfutura resellers
    • The Open Catalogue is free for Formfutura resellers
  • Fully sponsored by Formfutura
  • Contains only approved product content by Formfutura
  • Easy to integrate in your ERP or webshop in XML or URL formats
  • International Standard

The possibilities that Icecat can offer to our resellers makes Icecat a very suitable partner for Formfutura to expand our business. With this partnership we can would like to help our partners by strongly reducing the administrative process. The standardized Formfutura product information is easy to integrate in your ERP or webshop in XML or URL formats and enables you to list your selected Formfutura products with only a few clicks.