SASSy Design Scores Featured Print on!

We're thrilled to announce that a talented participant in the FormFutura affiliate program has achieved a major feat!

Their impressive 3D printed design, the "Sand Dune Plant Pot and Planter - Vase mode design," has been selected as a featured post on the popular platform!

This unique planter is designed for vase mode printing, and offers a seamless, single-wall construction, perfect for showcasing the beauty of the filament and the designs' creativity.

Key Features of the Sand Dune Plant Pot:

  • Vase mode design for a smooth, single-wall build
  • Scalable to fit your desired plant size
  • Prints well with a variety of filaments
  • Recommended settings for optimal results are provided on the page

A Collaboration for Success

The FormFutura affiliate program provides creators with access to high-quality filaments, technical expertise, and a supportive community. This, combined with the vast reach of, creates a powerful platform for designers to share their work and gain recognition.

We at FormFutura are incredibly proud of this accomplishment and congratulate the designer on their well-deserved feature. We look forward to seeing even more inspiring creations from our talented affiliates in the future!

Filament Used For This Print


From   15,70 Excl. VAT
StoneFil is a PLA-based 3D printer filament with a 50% powdered stone filling, which give 3D printed parts true stone-like aesthetics and a rough and matt stone-like surface finish.