STYX PA6-GF30 combines all benefits of STYX PA6 filament with its excellent mechanical, chemical and hygroscopic properties, plus 30% glass fibers.

ApolloX CF10

ApolloX CF10 is a modified ASA based 3D printer filament with improved mechanical properties and is suitable for 3D printing mechanical parts and outdoor applications with high precision and zero warping.


STYX-12 is an industrial PA12 grade nylon 3D printer filament that 3D prints on relatively low temperatures and combines excellent mechanical, chemical and hygroscopic properties with printability.

Pegasus PP-HGS25 Ultralight

Pegasus PP-HGS25 is a PP filament that is enhanced with hollow glass nanotechnology, which makes this 3D printer filament 20% lighter and significantly stiffer than virgin PP filaments.

Addigy F1070

Addigy F1070 is a pure PA6 (nylon) type of 3D printer filament by Covestro that is heat resistant up to 150°C and highly crystalline making it ideal for 3D printing strong and tough parts with overhangs.

Addigy F3040

Addigy F3040 is a pure PET type of 3D printer filament by Covestro that combines high heat resistance, dimensional stability and outstanding strength with superb fusion & interlayer strength.

Tough PLA

Tough PLA is a 3D printer filament that is extremely impact resistant. Tough PLA combines the durability of ABS-like strength properties and is significantly more stiff than ABS filaments

Spectrum Color Pigment

Spectrum Color Pigments come in 29 opaque colors and are fine-tuned for optimal coloring performance with FormFutura Spectrum LCD Color Mix resins.