FormFutura’s Presence at Formnext 2023

In the city of Frankfurt, Formnext showcased its magic, attracting over 30,000 enthusiasts to Europe’s most popular 3D printing fair. For us, FormFutura, it was more than a display—it was a moment to be noticed, to connect, and to showcase our latest products, the ReFill 2.0 system.  

Join us in this blog, as we take you through the experiences, insights, and connections our team members got at Formnext.   

The FormFutura Booth

Our booth was set apart due to it being almost 90% 3D-printed, from tables to stools and displays. It became a hotspot for social media influencers, amplifying our impact beyond the exhibition floor. Many attendees were capturing selfies and group photos with the giant 3.5-meter-high PLA –printed Greek god ‘Michelangelo’s David.’ Also, many visitors were impressed by the Tractus printer, and the 3D printed filament tower, displaying our array of materials. What also grabbed lots of attention was the prints of finished products. From robot lawnmowers to prosthetics, insole masterpieces, speakers, and a prototype handmade race bike.   

Our highlighted product and projects

The buzz at Formnext wasn’t just about the big prints or 3D-printed pieces; it was also about the filaments we brought to the stage.   

At the forefront was our Refill 2.0 system—a game-changer where filament comes without a spool. The filament comes in coils, eliminating the headache of dealing with cardboard boxes and wrapping plastic as waste. This is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also cost-effective, with potential savings in shipping and waste disposal costs. We plan to offer filament on this system, ranging up to whopping 8kg rolls – very beneficial for our industrial partners.  

Besides the Refill 2.0 system we have also showcased a lineup of star products, including BioFil-wood, ApolloX Kevlar, ApolloX CF, STYX GF30, STYX CF15, and the innovative STYX PA6 (Nylon) with carbon fiber and glass fiber. And let’s not forget the spotlight on various projects like —’ prosthetics by Hand in Hand,’ ‘Prototype bicycle by St Joris Cycles and Speeco’ and ‘Speakers by CreativityByPh’—each telling a unique story of what’s achievable with our filaments.   

The response that we got during the event was impressive. Current customers left the booth impressed by our visibility and the stand’s overall appeal. New faces were drawn in by the captivating prints. Visitors expressed enthusiasm; some were even surprised that it was our first time with a stand at Formnext.   

Summing up, our impact at Formnext was a success. The overwhelming interest, constant foot traffic, and enthusiastic engagement marked our presence as undeniably positive. Also, the launch of new products, including the Refill 2.0 system and innovative filaments. New relationships were established, brand awareness was improved, and our team spirit increased to higher levels.  

Our vision for the future

As we take a look into the future, we’re ready for more groundbreaking initiatives. Our commitment to elevate sustainability in 3D printing is unwavering. Our customers can expect a dynamic future with new products, deeper collaborations with customers in marketing and product development, and a firm dedication to innovation.  

The focus on pellets, a blend of industrial and aesthetic filaments and resins, and an ever-increasing commitment to sustainability will definitely shape the next chapters of our journey.